Chagra Chronicles

Paperback cover to the Chagra Chronicles 2020

He is a half spirit, half living man. His name is Chagra, a nomadic disillusioned ancient warrior with post-war trauma, aimlessly traveling the world under various old masters’ tutelage to get in touch with his spiritual purpose and meaning. He ultimately finds himself on a quest to find his long lost love, Dawn, who, in her latest incarnation, is residing within a society called Sibonia. A region deep within the Hollow-Earth underneath the islands of Puerto Rico. This secret, ancient world descended from the millennia-old Aztlán or what many would also refer to as Atlantis. It is a place of origin that set Chagra on his guilt-riddled redemption path over 11,619 years ago.

To consummate this reunion with his oft-reincarnating love, he must navigate a brewing civil war within Sibonia, not unlike the one he played a role in over a millennia ago. Chagra must do all he can without being drawn into a new emerging war himself.

Dawn and Chagra’s spiritual connection may hold the key to the salvation of this timeless, enduring nation.”

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