Here’s a gallery of The Danger-Squad NFT trading cards courtesy of CrinkleCo. Studios.
These NFT cards are not just collectors editions, they will gain attributes to allow them to be uses as part of the Blockchain backed Danger-Squad Game that’s in development. The cards are now available for purchase on OpenSea! Be the first to get your own TODAY! Click HERE

Character Profile Series

Dirk Domingo 1A

Steve Gozobear 2A

Eugene Trubblebutt 3A

Trish Foxtrot 4A

Stacey Aki 5A

Josan 6A

Murdock 7A

Linda V. Bunns 8A

Sebastion 9A

Robo-Bro 10A

Dante Deno 11A

Comic Book Cover Series

Danger-Squad #1

Danger-Squad #2

Danger-Squad #3

Special Edition Premium Cards

Capt. Dirk Domingo 1Fg

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